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What Are the Risks of Unsecured Email Communications?

Sending unsecured emails can leave your business or personal brand vulnerable to hackers, malware, and fraud. At Enterprise Guardian, we provide HIPAA-compliant email services with advanced security features to prevent data breaches. We can help you send secure emails and protect confidential information from unauthorized access. Below are three risks of unsecured email communications:

1. Errors and Unauthorized Access

Sending emails without adequate encryption can result in costly errors and HIPAA violations. If an unsecured email is sent to the wrong recipient, the content will be available to unauthorized individuals. Such an error can constitute a data breach, especially if the email contains confidential information. Third parties may use the information for malicious purposes, leaving you to pay for potential lawsuits.

Secure emails protect you from exposing credit card numbers, bank accounts, personal identifying information, intellectual property, and other sensitive information to unauthorized parties. An email service provider can help you set up multiple safety checks to verify your recipients before emailing them. You can also utilize our end-to-end encryption features, which protect your emails from in-transit interception and phishing attempts.

2. Attacks and Interceptions

Unsecure communications expose you to threat actors who seek to intercept your email and gain illegal entry into your accounts. Leaving email communications unprotected puts the information they contain at risk of being leaked. Although free online mailing platforms provide some level of encryption, they’re not fully secure. Determined hackers can still intercept your communications and cause data breaches.

A data breach can have short-term and long-term impacts, including irreparable damage to reputation. Data breaches expose you to attacks that cause disruptions and costly operational downtimes. Forensic investigations and fines from data regulators can also be expensive. Enterprise Guardian provides end-to-end encryption and password-protected file links to prevent interceptions, allowing only you and the recipient to read email communications.

3. Viruses and Malware

Virus creators often seek to sabotage daily operations, infecting business computers using sophisticated ransomware. These individuals can use emails to spread their trojans and ransomware. Unsecure email communications leave you open to malware introduction and attacks, which can result in operational downtimes, compromised data, and financial losses.

Malware attacks can also spread through the network and infect your partners’ computers. With our email security features, you can block viruses and mischievous programs. Email protection services also prevent programs sent through phishing emails from executing and infecting your computers.

Secure Emails From Online Threats Today

Unsecured email communications can lead to attacks, viruses, spam, and unwanted ads. Frequent spam can interrupt employee communications, while viruses can impair your computers. These attacks can also result in data breaches, fines, and damaged reputation if the emails feature confidential information. You can help prevent such instances by securing your emails.

At Enterprise Guardian, we offer a comprehensive variety of HIPAA-compliant products. Our email services encrypt the body and attachments of all your email communications to prevent unauthorized access. We can secure emails to protect them from hackers, viruses, phishing programs, and other online threats. Our encryption system is robust but user-friendly and easy for your employees to master. Contact us today for more information on securing your emails and preventing data loss.