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FAQs About HIPAA Compliant Emails

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standards for protecting sensitive patient healthcare information. Non-compliance can result in severe penalties and consequences. Enterprise Guardian is a trusted HIPAA email provider that offers secure email solutions to healthcare experts. Here are some FAQs about HIPAA compliant emails:

Why Do I Need Compliant Email Systems?

Secure email communication allows protected health information (PHI) to be transmitted, stored, and accessed safely. PHI contains sensitive information about an individual’s health, and unauthorized access or disclosure can lead to harm or discrimination. Compliant email systems help keep this information confidential and private. In the event of a data breach, having a compliant email system in place can help mitigate the consequences. Our certified HIPAA security experts can help you set up secure email hosting to protect patient data. 

How Do I Make My Emails HIPAA Compliant?

To make your emails HIPAA compliant, use an email service designed specifically for compliance purposes. Enterprise Guard is a trusted HIPAA compliant email service provider that can help you implement end-to-end encryption for email content and attachments. You can also secure your emails using the access control features that grant email access only to authorized people. We provide two-factor authentication to help verify user identity before they access their email accounts. If your organization uses mobile devices for email access, check if these devices are also secured and subject to the same security controls as desktop computers.

Are There Penalties for HIPAA Violations?

There are penalties for HIPAA violations, ranging from civil to criminal penalties. Common email-related violations include sending unencrypted PHI, failing to secure email systems, unauthorized access to patient data, and improper handling of PHI in email attachments. Such violations can result in hefty fines or jail terms. You can avoid such risks by using secure email systems with features like antispam and antivirus protection. Enterprise Guardian’s antispam system filters out spam emails, while our antivirus scans emails for malware to keep your inbox free from cyberattacks.

How Can I Communicate Securely With Patients and Colleagues?

You can use our eChat services with features like videos, texts, group chat, and audio to send your messages. The system also has engaging features like contacts, notes, tasks, and calendars. These functionalities are integrated into our Webmail for seamless communication. With our secure file link service, you can share large files. Using our telehealth feature, you can host virtual meetings with clients and colleagues.  The system also archives all incoming and outgoing messages to prevent data loss. Regular updates and security patches can help boost your protection when interacting with clients and colleagues.

Use HIPAA Compliant Email Services Today

If you don’t have compliant email systems, switch to a HIPAA compliant email solution to enjoy security benefits. Our email interface is easy to use and maneuver, boosting seamless communication. We offer advanced features like access control, end-to-end encryption, and antivirus and antispam protection. Our IMAP-based email service is compatible with iPhones, iPads, androids, and tablets. Contact us today to learn more about our secure email solutions.