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How To Find the Best HIPAA Compliant Email Provider for Your Therapy Practice

Protected health information (PHI) is prone to data breaches, and healthcare providers must implement robust security measures to prevent them. One way to protect against data breaches as a therapy practice is to find a HIPAA compliant email for therapists. Enterprise Guardian is a reputable HIPAA compliant email provider that offers secure email solutions for therapists and other healthcare professionals. Here are five tips for finding the best HIPAA compliant email provider:

1. Check for End-to-End Encryption

When you send an email with PHI to a colleague, a patient, or any other person, it travels through various unsupported networks. That makes it vulnerable to interception and data breaches. End-to-end encryption is a security practice that helps prevent such incidents. With end-to-end encryption, only the sender and recipient can access the emails, preventing anyone in between from accessing their content. This prevents the email provider, internet provider, hackers, and other third parties from accessing these emails. At Enterprise Guardian, we provide end-to-end encryption to secure data in transit. We also offer protection for data at rest, preventing PHI from falling into the wrong hands.

2. Evaluate the User Interface

When getting a HIPAA compliant email for therapists, evaluate its user interface to determine whether it offers a hassle-free experience. The email provider should have a modern, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use and navigate. This allows you to share and explore information with minimal effort. Our email interface at Enterprise Guardian doesn’t involve complex steps to encrypt or decrypt messages, as our secure servers handle that task automatically. You also won’t need to install additional plugins or certificates to use our interface. A seamless user experience helps you streamline confidential communications with clients and colleagues.

3. Check for a Wide Range of Features

As a therapist, you may need more than security while interacting with clients and colleagues. Our secure email application comes with advanced features for easy collaboration. It includes interactive features like contacts, notes, tasks, calendars, and others you can share with other people. The application also has the Enguard Chat feature, which allows users to share private and secure messages through audio, video, text, and group chats in real time. The Enguard Telehealth feature enables you to host secure meetings with patients. With our secure file link service, you can securely share files of up to 2000MB.

4. Assess Spam and Virus Protection

Virus email attachments may lead to data breaches, and spam emails may contain malicious links that can compromise your device’s security. To prevent such incidents, get a HIPAA compliant email that offers advanced antivirus and antispam protection. Our quality antispam system blocks 95% of spam emails, helping you avoid falling victim to these kinds of threats. This system also allows you to whitelist and blacklist email senders. Our antivirus security system scans emails for malware to keep your inbox clean and updates every hour to block the latest threats.

5. Look for Quality Access Control

Access control features grant email access to only authorized people. Our HIPAA compliant email has advanced authentication methods to protect user credentials. We provide two-factor authentication to help verify user identity before they access their accounts. This helps prevent unauthorized logins. We also encourage using strong passwords to add an extra layer of protection.

Find a Quality HIPAA Compliant Email for Therapists

Your therapy practice needs a secure and reliable HIPAA compliant email to prevent PHI from falling into the wrong hands. Enterprise Guardian provides a secure email application with advanced features and multiple layers of security to protect your emails and confidential meetings. This email is simple to use and has end-to-end encryption, antivirus and antispam protection, quality access control, and other features that promote patient-provider collaboration and data loss prevention. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your practice’s sensitive data with a HIPAA compliant email.