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Information That Can Be Shared Through HIPAA Compliant Email

When providing services for their patients, healthcare professionals often work with private information like medical histories and test results. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects individuals’ sensitive health information. It sets the standards for the electronic exchange, privacy, and security of this data. Here is more about sharing information using a HIPAA compliant email service like EnGuard:

What Is a HIPAA Compliant Email?

A HIPAA compliant email allows healthcare providers, patients, and other authorized entities to securely share sensitive information. At Enterprise Guardian, our services include several key features that help promote patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. End-to-end encryption makes sure any data contained in an email is unreadable without the correct encryption key. This feature safeguards patient data by removing identifiable factors like birthdates or social security numbers, protecting the information from potential hackers. Healthcare professionals can send secure file attachments complete with password protection and time expiration for enhanced safety. Our email service also deploys two-factor authentication to provide increased access control.

What Information Can Be Shared Securely?

Email communications between a patient and medical professional can involve exchanging appointment information, treatment plan updates, and other protected health information (PHI). PHI refers to any individually identifiable health details for a patient. Here are several types of information that may be shared securely using our HIPAA compliant email platform: 

Patient Information

Basic patient information such as name, address, phone number, and insurance details can be shared securely using a protected email platform. This information is often necessary for verifying insurance coverage and coordinating patient care. Patients can request or confirm appointments, provide preferred dates and times, and receive confirmation or rescheduling information in a secure email. They can also update their medical history, from surgeries and chronic conditions to medications and allergies.

Healthcare Provider Communications

By using our protected email services, medical professionals are able to analyze and discuss test findings with colleagues or specialists. Our secure email platform allows them to send laboratory results, imaging reports, and other diagnostic tests to review. It enables medical professionals to conveniently share progress notes, care instructions, and follow-up recommendations. Healthcare providers can also use our email services to equip their patients with helpful educational resources, such as health information leaflets and discharge instructions. This secure method of sharing helps individuals access relevant information and instructions for self-care without disclosing their health status to others.

Billing and Payment Information

Some medical billing and payment information may be shared using secure email platforms. This includes billing codes, insurance claims, and payment receipts. Financial statements may also be sent using a HIPAA compliant platform. If bank or credit card information is included in an email, our system will detect it and help prevent the patient or provider from sending it without encryption.

Who Can Benefit From HIPAA Compliant Email Services?

Our secure email services offer significant benefits to those involved in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, clinics, and physician practices can all benefit from HIPAA compliant email services. Our protected email platform allows medical professionals to communicate efficiently with colleagues, improving coordination of care while confirming patient confidentiality. The platform also benefits patients by providing a safe and convenient way to communicate with their healthcare providers. It enables them to ask questions, view treatment plans, and access their health records securely.

Explore Our HIPAA Compliant Services

At Enterprise Guardian, we offer a variety of HIPAA compliant services, from email and instant messaging to cloud storage and telehealth. Our easy-to-use platform helps protect patient privacy while preventing data loss and safeguarding against viruses and spam. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your medical practice with EnGuard.