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We are an American company located in Irvine, the heart of Orange County's business district in Southern California. Established in 2007, we provide Business Class, HIPAA Compliant Email, Telehealth, Cloud Services, and Domain Registration to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our customers love our onboarding process, quality of service, technical expertise, and user-friendly platform. We never track our clients’ usage, invade their privacy, or bombard them with marketing emails or advertisements. In fact, we have hardly advertised our services at all, as our business has grown exponentially from word of mouth and client referrals. Our organic growth over the last 14 years speaks volumes about the passion and integrity behind our company.

The EnGuard mission is to radically change how the Health Care Industry exchanges Patient Health Information (PHI) online. Our goal is to provide secure email and cloud services not only for the sake of HIPAA compliance itself, but also as an ethical responsibility for the people whose information will be safeguarded as a result.

We have taken the very complex task of establishing a HIPAA compliant system and created products and services that are approachable for any healthcare organization. Our team believes that offering enterprise-class technology at a price that businesses of all sizes can afford will improve the security of the industry overall, bringing us good karma.

Entrust your data to a company that cares about its clients and the people they serve.

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