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Tips for Using HIPAA Compliant Email for Patients

Healthcare providers are embracing digital communication methods, like email, to interact securely with patients. Communicating with patients over email requires compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). At Enterprise Guardian (EnGuard), we specialize in providing HIPAA compliant email solutions and keeping protected health information secure and private​​.

Understanding HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare providers must use secure email platforms to send protected health information to patients and colleagues. These platforms incorporate strong security measures like end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive information during transmission and remain HIPAA compliant. Here is more information about using email systems that are created for healthcare practices:

Double-Check Email Content

When using HIPAA compliant email, verify the recipient’s email address before sending sensitive information. Use clear subject lines that don’t disclose protected health information, and double-check that any attachments are encrypted. Remind patients to check their secure email portals regularly for incoming messages. By adhering to these practices, healthcare providers can effectively use compliant email for safe patient communication.

Implement Patient Consent Procedures

Another tip for using compliant email involves obtaining and recording patient consent. Before initiating email communication, secure explicit consent from patients for using email as a mode of communication. This is necessary before transmitting protected health information. Document this consent in the patient’s records for future reference. Provide patients with clear information about the system’s security measures and how their data will be protected to reinforce patient trust and compliance with HIPAA regulations. This step also protects healthcare providers from potential legal actions.

Update Patients on Email Policies

Inform patients about updated email policies and security practices. At Enterprise Guardian, we regularly review and update our HIPAA compliant email procedures to align with evolving regulations and technologies. We also believe in educating patients about the proper use of email communication. Providing educational materials or brief training sessions developed by our team can help patients understand the significance of HIPAA compliance and their role in maintaining the confidentiality of their health information. This approach enhances patient engagement and trust in using the email platform as a secure communication tool.

Choose a Secure HIPAA Compliant Email Service

Healthcare providers should choose a reliable and secure email service. Our services are built with the needs of small to medium-sized medical practices in mind, offering robust but intuitive platforms. We provide features like TLS 1.3 256-bit end-to-end encryption, providing the highest level of data security. Data security is a top priority in healthcare, so look for platforms that scan outgoing mail for sensitive information, archive messages indefinitely, and block a significant percentage of spam emails. These features are compliant with HIPAA regulations and protect against data breaches.

Explore EnGuard’s Healthcare Email

Using HIPAA compliant email is necessary for medical practices to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of patient information. At Enterprise Guardian we offer a comprehensive email platform that is easy to implement and use, backed by robust security features and high-quality customer support. Visit our website today to explore our secure healthcare solutions and find the system that is right for your practice.