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How Secure Emails Protect Against Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity threats may occur in several industries that handle sensitive information, such as healthcare or insurance. Emails can be protected against these threats, making sure that communications remain private and confidential. The healthcare industry may need layers of security to remain HIPAA compliant and to safeguard against cybersecurity threats. At EnGuard, we offer several services, including email security. Here’s more information about how to secure emails with sensitive patient documentation:

Securing Protected Health Information (PHI)

Protected health information (PHI) includes any information that identifies a patient and relates to their health status, treatment, or payment for healthcare. Emailing PHI without proper security measures may be at risk for data breaches, exposing patients to identity theft and other malicious activities. Our team at EnGuard offers secure email services and encrypts and protects patient health information both in transit and at rest.

Using Encryption

While several programs work as security layers, encryption is one of the cornerstones of secure email services. It involves converting information into a code to prevent unauthorized access. At EnGuard, we use advanced encryption algorithms to secure emails. These algorithms make sure that if data is intercepted, it cannot be read without the decryption key. This helps protect emails containing PHI, making information unusable to anyone without proper authorization.

Adding Access Control

Access control is another layer of security for emails, as it involves verifying users’ identities before they can access information. Our team of specialists at EnGuard employs strong password policies and two-factor authentication. This means that even if a password is compromised, a second form of verification is required to access the email account, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Offering Data Backup and Archiving

The availability and integrity of data is another component of secure email services. Our team offers real-time data backup and archiving, so all incoming and outgoing emails are securely stored and can be retrieved at any time. This not only helps in disaster recovery but also makes sure that emails have regulatory requirements for data retention.

Avoiding Non-Compliance Penalties

Healthcare providers deal with a vast amount of sensitive information. Standard emails do not have access to HIPAA-compliant services. Some of the necessary security features, such as encryption and access control, are needed to protect PHI. Non-compliance with HIPAA regulations can result in hefty fines and legal actions. By using a HIPAA-compliant email service, healthcare providers can avoid these penalties and make sure they will meet their legal obligations. Our EnGuard team provides email services specifically designed to comply with HIPAA regulations, providing healthcare providers with quality security.

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Secure emails can fight against cybersecurity threats, especially for industries handling sensitive information. By implementing advanced encryption, access control, and data backup, services like those offered by our EnGuard team make sure that emails remain confidential and compliant. Investing in HIPAA-compliant email services is not just a legal requirement but a key step in protecting patient information. Contact our team today to learn more about our email services.