HIPAA Secure Email Features

Professional Email Address

Make a good first time impression with a professional you@yourcompany.com email address. When you use free email services like Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail / AOL, it tells people right away that you don't have HIPAA Compliant Email / Secure Email. Already own a domain name? No problem, you can use it with our email service.

Easy End-to-End Email Encryption

No messy gateway configurations, certificates, or plug-ins to install. Send secure attachments up to 2GB via Secure File Link and Password Protected Encrypted Messages though our simple-to-use platform without additional costs! Recipients can reply and send secure messages to you for true end-to-end encryption.

Complimentary Setup & Migration

Want to switch but don't want to deal with the hassle of moving to a new host? Not a problem! No matter how big or small your company is, we will migrate you over from another service provider free of charge, all done seamlessly with no downtime and completely pain-free. For a limited time, we will waive our $50 per hour charge.

Enterprise Solid State Storage

Our plans include mailbox sizes of 25GB, 50GB, and 100GB of Enterprise SSD storage per user. Experience Blazing Fast access speeds with Flash Storage. For the average user, 25GB can store an up to 300,000 emails or more, or about 150,000 emails with modest-sized attachments. There are no incoming or outgoing file size restrictions.

Collaboration Suite (Groupware)

Experience Enterprise Class team collaboration features that most people associate with Microsoft Exchange, such as sharing email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes through our webmail interface. A popular feature is setting up a centralized company calendar or multiple calendars that can be accessible by all employees.

Secure Webmail Access

Access your email anywhere there is an internet connection. Save thousands of dollars on purchasing desktop software by switching to our Secure Webmail interface. Enjoy the convenience of drag & drop and right-click menus. There is nothing to install, just open up a web browser and login on any device.

Smartphone & Tablet Support

Email is no longer associated to a desktop computer. In this day and age, email can be accessed via smartphones and tablets. We provide secure encrypted connections to most mobile devices. Our HIPAA Compliant Email service is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Say Goodbye to Spam and Viruses

Our State-of-the-Art Anti-Spam System blocks over 95% of spam. You can also block unwanted senders and Whitelist trusted senders to bypass spam filtering completely. Our premium Anti-Virus System updates itself every hour and cleans all messages to ensure you are protected from malware infected emails.

Lightning Fast PUSH Email

Expecting time sensitive emails? With PUSH Technology, you get emails instantly pushed to your inbox! You no longer have to manually check for emails, they will automatically be pushed to your Webmail and compatible email apps like Outlook or Apple Mail. Mobile devices require Exchange ActiveSync for Push Email.

Enterprise Managed DNS

Reliable, secure DNS service is a must. If an email server goes down, messages will simply be delivered at another time. If a DNS server goes down, messages will bounce instantly. We operate four DDOS & DNSSEC-protected DNS networks in CA, NJ, TX, and OH to ensure 100% uptime route-ability of your email.

*New - eChat Secure Instant Messaging

eChat (EnGuard Chat) is our private and secure instant messaging service featuring group chat, allowing users to commnunicate with each other in real-time using any desktop or laptop computer. We will have a mobile chat app for iOS and Android devices coming soon that will integrate chat across all platforms.

Secure File Link

Send secure file attachments (up to 2GB in size) from our secure cloud with time expiration and password protection. You simply upload your attachment to our servers and send a secure link to the recipient to download that file, completely eliminating file size restrictions with most email service providers.

Data Loss Prevention

All outgoing emails are scanned for sensitive information such as social security numbers and credit card numbers for example. Our system prevents secure information from being sent in clear text by quarantining your message, sending you a warning message, and giving you options to send as-is or encrypted.

Exchange ActiveSync (Optional)

Syncing email, contacts, calendar, and tasks between our Secure Webmail and most mobile devices is quick, easy, and automatic. Get emails instantly on mobile devices with PUSH Technology. ActiveSync can also send a Remote Wipe command to your device in case you ever lose it, to erase all data and restore to factory settings.

Real Time Backup (Optional)

We archive all incoming and outgoing messages indefinitely as long as you are an EnGuard customer. That means if you accidentally delete a message or need proof of delivery or have a disgruntled employee on a war path to sabotage your business, we can easily restore missing emails with a click of a mouse.

*New - eBox Cloud (Optional)

EnGuard Box is a cloud drive that is available everywhere, on any computer, or mobile device. Easily collaborate with your team on documents online in real-time or offline. Securely share files with colleagues on our HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage, File Sync and Sharing platform or simply backup your files to it.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy Mission Critical 99.9% Service Uptime. We offer complimentary setup and migration to ensure you are up and running with zero downtime when switching from another service provider. We offer U.S. Based technical support and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No contract, no setup fees, you may cancel anytime.

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